Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Joyeux Noel

Happy Friday everyone and thank you for stopping by the blog today!  

Steph here with a cute little Christmas frame project for you.
The focal point of my frame is the cutest little Christmas gnome. 
Poor guy has slipped on the ice and is sliding across the snow on his little bum. 
I love the contrast of the "Joyeux Noel" and the look on his face 
indicating he is not so joyous at the moment. 
Please take a minute and scroll through the pictures and be sure to check out the 
supply list at the bottom of the post. 
I hope this little guy puts you in a Joyeux mood! 

Lately, I have been mentioning what great gifts some of our projects will make. 
Well, I actually have the person who is going to receive this all picked out already.
I am so excited to surprise her with this on Christmas. 
She will be able to add a photo of her little gnomes and change the focal point of the frame. 

All supplies for this project were obtained from Altered Pages. 
The frame comes as a blank wooden "canvas" ready for your imagination and creativity to bring it to life. 
The papers are from the "Joyeux Noel" set from Glitz.
The collage image is one of many great images from Altered Pages as well. 
I used a couple different versions of fibers as well as paper flowers and glass glintz...
all from Altered Pages. 

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you have a fun, joyous holiday season.
Be careful on that ice & snow!!! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Star Light, Star Bright

Happy Friday Everyone (oooh Friday the 13th)! 

We are getting ever closer to the big day so I thought I would share with you a very homemade, yet quick craft that makes a heartfelt ornament for hanging on a tree or beautiful adornment for special gift wrapping...a paper star.  

There are many, MANY versions of the paper star, from the German 5 point paper star to endless styles of Origami stars. I will skip the star tutorial (you're welcome) and let you pick the style and design you would like to use. 
I will; however, provide you with inspiration in the way of pictures and my FAVORITE source for all of your crafting supply needs, AlteredPages.com of course. 

I do have to admit falling right in love with these little beauties. They remind me of paper stars on my Grandmothers tree when I was just a little girl. I even made a little lovely out of paper scraps...I'm a big believer is using up every little scrap I can. 

All supplies are listed at the end of this post. Be sure to check out  Altered Pages  for all your supply needs. 

Above a star is done in pink chevron paper from Glitz with rose sticker accents. 
For the center I attached vintage red mini garland and a silvertone filigree charm. 
The garland and charm were attached using Crystal Lacquer. 
The hanger for this star was made with simple black ribbon. 


My next star was done using the double sided Joyeux Noel papers from Glitz. 
This literally is the same piece of paper...just front and back. My center design here is a button with a little amber gem in the middle.  


Here is the back side of the same star with the center of this being a paper flower
with the same style amber gem in the center. 
A strand of mini pearls was used as the hanger for this star. 


This star I left as a single star, meaning this one is flat on the back. 
I thought this would make a beautiful addition to a pretty package. 
A special gift deserves special packaging, right? Right! 
This was done using the "Uncharted Waters" 8 x 8 Glitz paper pack.
I just love how versatile these papers are. 

I used a grey ribbon bow and silver snowflake rhinestone for the finishing touch. 

Here is my sweet little scrap ornament. It just might be my Favorite. 
I took a long paper scrap about an inch wide and I accordion folded it. 
I then pulled the accordion together at the ends to create a circle. 
I glued the edges and attached a coordinating paper circle to the back to keep it secure
as well as to hide the mechanics. 
I then attached a Glitz giant gem from the Cashmere Dame collection. 
I added vintage mini garland around the outer edge
and continued that at the top to create a loop to hang it by.  
I added another Giant Gem from glitz to the back and finished it off with clear glitter. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures. And, I really hope you give this a try. 
This project was very similar to potato chips. Whaaaaat?! Yes, chips...once you start, it's hard to stop! 

Be sure to check out the supply list below. All links provided to save you time. 
Have fun crafting!