Monday, February 24, 2014

Two for Tuesday - Techniques

Welcome to my project for the Two for Tuesdays with the Altered Pages Design Team. 

Maybe you've already heard...this time around the Altered Pages Design Team is sharing techniques using specific products rather than a concept or theme. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what we all come up with. The products we are focusing on are DylusionsGelatos & collage images from Altered Pages. I also added the Andy Skinner Baroque stencil. I hope you enjoy!

I chose to create a watercolor painting for today. I have many mediums that interest me, but watercolor is where my heart is. This is "She".

I created She on watercolor paper & made the background with my Gelateos in Guava, Lavender & Bubble Gum. I used my handy waterbrush for the background as well. I then splattered & dripped a bit of After Midnight from Dylusions. From there I used the Baroque stencil & created the shadowy look by stenciling first with my Staz On ink pad in Cloudy Sky. I then moved the stencil just a bit down & to the left & then stenciled again using Staz On in Jet Black. I used Staz on here as I new the piece was going to be manipulated still with water & water based inks & I DID NOT want her to fade or run. 

Next, I grabbed my After Midnight ink again & put one or two drops in my paint palette. I added a few drops of water to thin it a bit. I then starting making drastic & elongated eyelashes around each eye with a fine liner watercolor brush. I repeated this process with my Funky Fuchsia Dylusions ink. I wanted a bit of definition so I added black with my Micron pen & a bit of white with my Uni-ball white gel pen

To finish I mounted the piece on black card stock and included a vintage ATC collage image to the back to add the title, my info & date. 

I hope you enjoy the projects today. I also hope you find some inspiration to create something of your own. When you do make sure to visit Altered Pages to pick up everything you need for supplies. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Friday!

Welcome to the blog today. The Altered Pages Design Team is very fortunate to be working with Niji and Yasutomo for the month of February. Please take a minute to take a look at their sites. There is great inspiration as well as tools for all of your art and crafting needs at both locations. 

Today I am showing you a cute little bird I created to sit atop an altered book I have been working on. The book had its own theme going on, but it needed something to be the focal point. So, with a little sparrow shape that I cut out of card stock and vintage text pages I have just what the book cover needed. The book is a salvage piece from a law firm move. They were recycling literally thousands of books and I grabbed as many as my hands could carry and by hands I mean the back of my SUV. SCORE!  The book itself was painted out with acrylics achieving this fun icy blue, green. I then dripped it with liquid black acrylic and then added in the fun graphic poppies.  

To start I sketched out a bird shape on to a scrap piece of card stock and then cut her out. I then basically made individual templates of vintage text pages, one for each wing and one for the body. I used three different text pages to differentiate the "body parts" I needed. I did antique them a bit with my Paris Truck Parchment ink pad.

From there I kept assembling her pieces and added a couple more wings with washi tape. I also used my  Script washi tape tape to create her beak. 

I then went to my trusty waterbrush and metallic watercolor palette to add a bit of shimmer and shine.  I gave her a little twinkling eye, then attached her to the top of the book and viola!

Friday, February 7, 2014

What's on your work space?

Happy Friday Kids! 
Stephanie here again with your Altered Pages Friday post. It's Friday. It's Friday! Yay! As always, be sure to check out the supply list below along with links to amazing deals at Altered Pages.

Can I just tell you in my art lately I have wanted to give myself the freedom to let things happen, let the art just flow, not worry if it was going to be perfect or not. I have a feeling most of you know what I mean. You too have probably said to yourself at one time or another just go with it. Haven't you? Haaaaaaven't you? Okay, so let's go with it.  

While preparing for what I wanted to do for my post, trying to work in this just go with it/freedom theme, I got the idea to only use what was already out on my work space in my studio. I thought I would just let the pieces talk to me as to where they were going and what colors they wanted to be. 

If you are like me you always have a few little stragglers left out from your last project. Oh, wait, this NEVER happens to you? Okay, me neither. Today, I got lucky and there were a lot of great options lying around, party hat collage sheets, Dylusions journal, tags, Dylusions inks, stamps...
do you get where I am going.

So, I grabbed these cute little tags that I had laying about and thought a moon with wings - LOVE IT! Then, I thought a moon with wings and a party hat - even better! Ideas started flowing, colors started moving to the forefront of my mind and I let it happen. It felt great. To be honest this page just developed as I came across each element - one at a time - a little of this a little of that and I think that is what makes it great.

I did all of this with what was already within arms reach. Obviously, it helps that I have a great source for all of my supplies in Altered Pages. The best part is I just let myself be free & I worked with what was in front of me. I was not worried about this being "the perfect page" and I have to say it works!  

In the end I am rather pleased with my little moonflies fluttering about in their party hats. It's a little, okay a lot, whimsical. I love the looseness of it. I love that I only used what was on my desk and I LOVE that I love it. The plan awesome is that? 

Here are links to just a few of the amazing things Altered Pages has to offer.
Dylusions Journal - lg.  Collage images Waterbrush  Dylusions inks  Assorted Tags and so much more!

One thing I want to mention when working with Dylusions inks they are water based. This is what I love about them. They have play. They are wet, stay wet for a while and can be reactivated with water. 

If you want certain aspects of you piece to be permanent just use an archival ink pad, a Zig pen or your favorite permanent such as Brilliance Ink Pad in black

Another little tip, if you want your pages to be pristine just gesso the back before starting a new page.

The back side of this journal page does show some bleed through.
I usually let that be the background for the next entry.

When I don't, though, I just apply a thin coat of gesso to the page, let dry and then give it a go.   Now, go play with your arts & crafts supplies!   Stop by for all your supply needs.
Happy crafting!