Friday, September 6, 2013

Hi there everybody, it's Steph here today and what a very special day it is. It is my amazing Mom's birthday!!  Jean Moore is 39 years young today (I'm allowed to say that right?).  I just don't know how she does it considering I am 42.  Today is her day to go strut her stuff and hopefully the Miss Sassy Britches that I have made will help inspire her to do just that.    

This was done using watercolor paper, cardstock, a combination of stamps and Dylusions inks.  You can find all of them here at  Starting out the background was done using 
Dylusions Spray Inks in Cut Grass.  I used a combination of the Dylusions Dependable Dotty and Time Marches On stamps for her body.  I grabbed the arms from a magazine ad where the arms just happened to be in the perfect pose for strutting.  Don't you love when things just work out like that?  I thought the flat pearl brad was so sweet for her necklace and a black shiny German Scrap cut could not have been more perfect for her bouffant hairdo.  I then printed the text on good old cardstock and boxed it in with my black Micron pen. 

Mom, you are always making others smile with your love, generosity and caring.  I hope Miss Sassy Britches makes you smile today.  Happy Birthday! I love you with all my heart!  Now get away from that computer and go have some fun!!! 

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