Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evil Libations

Hello again ghouls and boys...
Today's 31 Days of Halloween Hop offering is a chilly bottle of evil libations to wet your whistle. 

 I started my project with a wine bottle that I just really loved the shape of. 
It is a very thick, sturdy glass and I felt that it will stand the test of 
time being brought out year after year for Halloween. 

Of course, I found amazing collage images at Altered Pages
I also used some eerily fun images from Smeared and Smudged
Such a great selection at both .coms. You really need to check them out!

You can see in the picture below that I started with text pages, graphic 45 papers and collage images. 
I built them up laying here and there. You can find a sampling of amazing collage images here. 

After decoupaging all papers I added the cork back to the bottle. 
I then wired up some fun little resin skulls and poked them right into the cork. 
After allowing ample dry time and all layers were complete I finished off 
my dastardly concoction with colorful fibers tied around the neck of the bottle. 
I then embellished with gears, crystals and a key. 
You know to lock up the liquor cabinet when we are all done partaking. 

Happy Halloween!!!
Stephanie S.

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