Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Friday!

Welcome to the blog today. The Altered Pages Design Team is very fortunate to be working with Niji and Yasutomo for the month of February. Please take a minute to take a look at their sites. There is great inspiration as well as tools for all of your art and crafting needs at both locations. 

Today I am showing you a cute little bird I created to sit atop an altered book I have been working on. The book had its own theme going on, but it needed something to be the focal point. So, with a little sparrow shape that I cut out of card stock and vintage text pages I have just what the book cover needed. The book is a salvage piece from a law firm move. They were recycling literally thousands of books and I grabbed as many as my hands could carry and by hands I mean the back of my SUV. SCORE!  The book itself was painted out with acrylics achieving this fun icy blue, green. I then dripped it with liquid black acrylic and then added in the fun graphic poppies.  

To start I sketched out a bird shape on to a scrap piece of card stock and then cut her out. I then basically made individual templates of vintage text pages, one for each wing and one for the body. I used three different text pages to differentiate the "body parts" I needed. I did antique them a bit with my Paris Truck Parchment ink pad.

From there I kept assembling her pieces and added a couple more wings with washi tape. I also used my  Script washi tape tape to create her beak. 

I then went to my trusty waterbrush and metallic watercolor palette to add a bit of shimmer and shine.  I gave her a little twinkling eye, then attached her to the top of the book and viola!

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